Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche was born on 7th July 1941 at Dakshu, a tiny village 40 kilometres away from Shigatse, in the Tsang region of Western Tibet. At the age [...]

There are five root mental defilements from which all the others derive. We have them all, in a greater or smaller measure. These defilements, when transformed, become the enlightened aspects [...]

BRACELET SHIDE CRYSTALIt helps to rebalance the alignment and harmony of our chakras, trrough these special crystals rainbow.FOR BUY CLICK NOW

Protects from envy, jealousy, black magic, evil eye.Singamuka is a female manifestation of the enlightened mind. It protects against envy, black magic from the evil eye and evil spirits. It pacifies [...]

Help in ActionLama Gangchen Kiurok Tsochunis a voluntary non-profit association founded by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen, a Tibetan lama healer. Resident in Italy since 15 years Lama Gangchen works tirelessly to [...]

Simply wear them: when you wish and as long as you wish; in full freedom. A single jewel or more jewels at the same time. (An idea to wear more [...]

SESTO SENSO, the distributor of the Healing Protection Jewels, is a special, unique company. Its main goals are: raise funds for the Lama’s humanitarian activities in Tibet, help people to [...]