The Healing Jewels are the jewels of the mahasiddhas, holy beings and ascetics famous, in India and Tibet, for their often eccentric behaviour and their direct and very effective methods for the attainment of the enlightenment. Enlightenment is the goal of the supreme - physical, psychical, emotional, spiritual and finally also environmental - healing journey. The Healing Jewels accompany us in this path where all the negative, unpleasant aspects are transformed into luminous aspects, of well-being and joy. "It is like a discovery and more than that; this is enlightenment: day after day, problem after problem. There is a question and there is an answer. Nothing else..." We live in the narrow cages built with our numberless mistaken choices, in pasts with no beginning. Our existence runs fast on rigid tracks nearly impossible to modify. Sometimes we feel as trapped animals. We are full of inner fractures, wounds, conflicts, barriers... and very very tired. "Normally we have five mental poisons. But today it is like if they were six. Like a rain that falls and nobody sees, nobody recognises. It fills us up, it poisons us or, like alcohol, makes us drunk. Therefore we become tired. We cannot fight with the mayor or with the president and so we fight with our wife and we create more problems. Most of our present problems are solely caused from this sense of tiredness. Small problems become enormous blocks, projections..." But all this exists only in our minds! We project our delusions onto the external world and on the others in such a convincing way that everything takes on the appearance of the most concrete and indubitable reality. We are enslaved by our own illusions! It is the great Maya, the great illusion of Eastern tradition. To awaken from this dream (or nightmare) is at the same time very simple - because it would suffice to recognise and to accept our true nature for what it is; but also difficult - because this ultimate and essential nature is hidden under layers and layers of thick and complicated illusions. And nevertheless there is only a veil between us and our complete happiness! To set the door of the cage wide open and get out it is enough to use the right key. The Healing Jewels are one of these wisdom keys, that activate our inborn self-healing power. Nothing is impossible for our mind. If we wish it and we discover how to do it, we can "make also the impossible to become possible!" The Healing Jewels is like a gift of healing that we make to ourselves and to others. "A healing jewel is a precious gift which helps and heals. It is like a commitment to take care of ourselves or our friends in the best way possible. It really helps, and really heals. Usually people only buy jewels as ornaments. I have given these jewels a special blessing to make them become healing jewels: In this way they gain a much deeper meaning. Now it is up to you to experience them directly and to discover what you feel...". The Healing Jewels teach us a more intelligent way to live our life: in beauty. They are the healing way through beauty and joy. Our senses are like doors open to the world. There is a deep connection between mind and senses and the Healing Jewels transform our mind because they have a positive reflection on our senses. "Tara is so beautiful, she has wonderful eyes... how can we reach enlightenment if we do not transform our senses in a positive way: watching, touching, speaking...?" The elements are the basic constituents of our inner and outer universes: we must take care of them as a gardener takes care of his garden, with attention and great love. "This makes the original energy stronger. Which means less problems, less damages, less diseases... The Healing Jewels are like spiritual companions help and protect us and give us answers when usually nobody is able to give any answer..."