There are five root mental defilements from which all the others derive. We have them all, in a greater or smaller measure. These defilements, when transformed, become the enlightened aspects of the supreme healers' and of the wisdoms' five families. Every Healing Jewel is realised according to the ancient symbols of one of these families and helps to develop its positive aspects. "These spiritual symbols are not like the symbols or the statues in the West; simple memories of persons or meanings. Every symbol really works and we are showing the proof..." Let your intuition, or deep wisdom, guide you: you can choose the jewel towards which you feel more attracted, even if its explanation does not seem the most suited. The published explanations clarify only one of the many level of meaning. And, please, do not worry about making the wrong choice. In fact there is not a mistaken choice. The healing process will always find its way. As a Master said: "It does not matter how we catch a table. From whatever side we begin to move it, the entire table will move!" We do not even need to believe. Please try them at least once: there is nothing more convincing than our own direct experience!