It is becoming increasingly important these days to talk about "business ethics". We think that companies have also the duty to take care of not just profit, but also social and environmental problems. For this reason we have decided to briefly explain our ideas. 

It can be said that SESTO SENSO Spiritual Jewels was born to give joy to the largest possible number of people. This is true for the people who buy (or have contact with) the Healing Protection Jewels, because the quality of their life improves; and for the Tibetans (in Tibet) who, in many areas, are in need of everything. 

When we talk about "peace business" we mean a business which does not render the world and the people more tense and unhappy, a business which is not predatory, which doesn't make a few people rich to the detriment of others (usually the weaker ones). A business which does not resort to tricks or advertising lies. A business which respects, within the possible limits, nature and the environment...

We at SESTO SENSO have decided to organize the Company on these premises even if it is not an easy task. The implications are infinite (and we are continuously discovering new ones...). There are practically no examples to follow and often we find ourselves fighting with the old habits which, as we know, are difficult to uproot. And yet we believe this is a path worth taking even if we do not always see immediate advantages. 
Let us explain this a little better with some examples. 

The suppliers

To keep prices low it is common practice to strangle the suppliers. Especially with oriental suppliers where they need the work more and where manpower is often underpaid. Leaving aside the obvious ethical considerations, we think that this behaviour is not very intelligent: on an energetic level it creates a root of suffering which is also transmitted to the objects. The companies we work together with and which we visit regularly do not employ children, they pay their workers well and also help in case of accidents (something quite rare, for example, in China). 

The stones

We use natural stones. 

Let us take ialino quartz for example. Quartz is one of the most wide-spread minerals on the earth. Therefore one would expect that the costs are negligible. In fact in a block of quartz the pure parts are few and a lot has to be discarded. Then there is the difficulty of carving: many pieces break when the most delicate engraving is done....the solution? As always, synthetics. Hydrothermal quartz is very beautiful, clear and available in abundant quantities. But it does not have the same power as real quartz. It is little more than a piece of inert glass. For us this is the most important consideration. When we offer quartz, we offer natural quartz. 

If we use turquoise we do not use paste, i.e. regenerated turquoise (energetically equivalent to plastic), we use genuine turquoise. It is true that what really counts is their blessing but some materials are better conductors than others. In antique tradition precious stones and metals have always been used in medicine. Even today Tibetan doctors use them in their preparations. So, when we talk about stones we always mean genuine, natural stones. If we use other materials we acknowledge this (and naturally the price we ask is in proportion to the real value). 

The environment

The commitment to heal single persons does not release us from our duty to respect the environment. Everything in the world is interdependent. So we try to use materials which are eco-sustainable and as unpolluted as possible. For example the paper and cardboard of our packaging comes from a paper mill which works with zero environmental impact. They say that if you go and visit the paper mill you don't even notice that you are inside an industrial installation: the water and air are so clean. Vegetable ivory, whose real name is "tagua" or "corozo" are obtained from a nut which grows in the rain forests. It is a very slow-growing tree. The use of this nut is traditional. It is used by the natives to create necklaces and as a therapeutic remedy. The Zunis call it "the headache stone". Using this material helps to preserve the rain forests (which are cultivated instead of being cut down) and offers a source of income for the natives.

Galalith is a plastic which is obtained from casein (from milk...) and is completely biodegradable (the production waste can be used as fertilizer). 

Humanitarian interventions

Are naturally the primary objective. 

One last consideration. Beauty is also important. We are trying to make the healing jewels as beautiful as possible. We think that the people who wear them, other than the benefit they derive from their blessing, should feel joy when they wear them. This means constant commitment to design, research of materials and special workmanship techniques, and suppliers able to work to the highest quality standards.

Five good reasons to buy an HJ

  1. They are very beautiful. The golden lines are of high jewelry: the manufacture, entirely Italian, is of very high quality and the stones are of first choice. Furthermore the HPJ possess a subtle beauty - due to their deep meaning - that can only be understood by seeing the jewel in reality (and that the pictures cannot communicate).

  2. The Healing Protection Jewels help to be happy. They were created for that. Furthermore, since part of the profits is devolved in humanitarian projects, while buying an HJ you make an act of generosity and, at the same time, you give yourselves a special gift: a healing gift. This too is happiness.

  3. You will contribute to the positive balance of the world. The world has reached a critical point. The HPJ create a network of synergic positive energy which expands and increases in proportion to the number of HJ in circulation. Therefore even the more expensive golden jewels have, democratically, this function.

  4. They are trendy. Fashion magazines call it "charity fashion". We offer authentic 'charity' with something more. But mark well: our prices are determined exclusively by the actual costs. There is no 'image' overcharge. Their healing power (whether you believe it or not) and the philosophy and the ethical principles which are at the source of them, are our gift.

  5. They allow you to test an unique tradition, very ancient and secret, without the need to become Buddhists.

    Then, why you do not try them at least once?